The Belgian Rugby Federation, International Gay Rugby and
Straffe Ketten RFC will JOIN FORCES TO tackle homophobIa in rugby.

On the eve of Belgian Pride and one week before the Bingham Cup kicks off in Nashville, we are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Belgian Rugby Federation and International Gay Rugby.

By nature, rugby should be open to everyone. It is a shame that discrimination still exists in sport but here in rugby we are reaffirming our openness, and reaffirming it loudly!
— Michel Coric, President of the FBRB

The agreement creates a framework for cooperation between all three parties to combat discrimination and continue the promotion of equality and inclusiveness in the game. The concrete strategy, to be deployed during the next two seasons, will be developed in the coming months ready for the season 2016-17. We have already discussed the need for a communication campaign and education actions aimed at public, players, coaches and referees. 

We have felt very welcome inside the Belgian Federation since our creation in 2010 and we have received support and recognition from every team we have faced on the pitch. With this cooperation, we hope to make a big step forward to reach each and every club in Belgium with our message of respect to diversity and inclusiveness. We also hope that these agreements will serve as an example of good practice to other sports where sadly homophobia and other forms of discrimination are much more commonplace.

As we look forward to the biggest Bingham Cup yet next week in Nashville it is fantastic to have some positive news to announce from this side of the pond. This agreement is the first of its kind in Europe and I hope will inspire other European national rugby unions to come out publicly denouncing homophobia in sport.
— Jeff Wilson, Chairman of International Gay Rugby

For more information please contact the team Straffe Ketten RFC or call Miguel Gallardo, President: +32487410809.

We hope that it will help continue the promotion of non-discrimination in rugby as well as acting as an example of good practice to other sports where sadly homophobia and other discrimination is much more commonplace.
— Miguel Gallardo, President of Staffe Ketten RFC