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Season 2019-20: Become a STRAffe ketten

With only the Union Cup in Dublin in June ahead, and some summer tournaments pending, we invite all interested people in trying with the team to the month of September, where we will host our Open Training Month, offering all new and inexperienced players the opportunity to discover the basics of our sport.

If you are interested in joining, please leave your email in our sign up form and keep an eye open in our social media channels.

On the road to the Union Cup 2019 dublin


The Straffe Ketten will participate next June at the 2019 Union Cup which will be organised by the IGR and the Emerald Warriors RFC in Dublin, Ireland.

The team will travel with the biggest number to an international tournament ever. We are getting ready for the tournament with matches against many IGR teams, such as the Amsterdam Lowlanders, the Cologne Crushers, the Munich Monks, or Les Coqs Festifs from Paris.

We are looking forward to a weekend of rugby, brotherhood, competition and inclusiveness. It will be the biggest Union Cup ever, and the first one with female teams taking part of the competition.

Want to come to Dublin to support us? Write us a message.


The Memorandum of Understanding came into force on Friday May 13th 2016 and it creates a framework for cooperation among the three bodies, in order to to jointly ensure that everybody feels welcome in the Belgian rugby environment. The Belgian Rugby Federation (FBRB) pledges to work together with Straffe Ketten and International Gay Rugby to combat discrimination and continue the promotion of equality and inclusiveness in the game.

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What does Straffe Ketten mean?

In Flemish Brussels dialect, a ket is a guy from Brussels, and therefore a straffe ket is a tough Brussels boy. Ketten is the plural of ket :)
Whether you are curious to play rugby with us, or you want to become a supporter, you can become a Straffe Ket!