Welcome to the website of the Straffe Ketten RFC. In this site you can find out more about the team and its history, meet our players, check the calendar with our match results and activities, find out how to join our team as player or supporter, meet the sponsors who help us achieve our goals, and remember the amazing moments we shared at the Union Cup 2015 Brussels.

20th May 2017: a pride for the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers

During the Belgian Pride 2017 the focus will be on the topic "Crossing Borders". The LGBT+ refugees, migrants and asylum seekers are extremely vulnerable and the Belgian Pride has decided to contribute to the pressure to the Belgian authorities for ensuring their rights are protected as they should.

As participants of the Pride we have signed the Charter of the Pride and the annex with the demands for a fairer and efficient treatment of this human beings which come to our country looking for a better life. You can find the text we signed here and in case you would like to sign it yourself, go here.

We wish you all to have a great Pride celebration, and don't remember what we are all fighting for: a better society for everyone!

Want to try rugby? Join The open day on June 11th 2017!

We are always looking for new team members, so if you are curious about the sport and want to try the sport, we invite you to join us at any time. But since we have motivated plenty of new players during the month of Pride we invite you all to an Open Day on June 11th.

When: Sunday June 11th 2017 at 15h.
Where: Kituro Club (Avenue des Jardins 50b - 1030 Schaarbeek) map.
What to bring: for your first training you only need an old t-shirt, shorts, and sport shoes. Long socks recommended. And your own meat for the BBQ!      

If you want to contact us you can find all our details in this link. You can contact us in English, French, Flemish and Spanish.


The Memorandum of Understanding came into force on Friday May 13th 2016 and it creates a framework for cooperation among the three bodies, in order to to jointly ensure that everybody feels welcome in the Belgian rugby environment. The Belgian Rugby Federation (FBRB) pledges to work together with Straffe Ketten and International Gay Rugby to combat discrimination and continue the promotion of equality and inclusiveness in the game.

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What does Straffe Ketten mean?

In Flemish Brussels dialect, a ket is a guy from Brussels, and a straffe ket is a tough Brussels boy. Ketten is the plural of ket :)
Whether you are curious to play rugby with us, or you want to become a supporter, you can become one of us!