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You don’t need to be huge and muscular to play rugby. This game needs all kind of body types, fast players, big players, tall players, small players… they all can find a place in a rugby team. First days may be physically hard, but after a couple of weeks of training with us, your body will slowly start developing those muscles that you will need for the sport, and it will get easier. If you like team spirit, if you’re a fighter, if you get motivated by challenges, and if you enjoy learning, then you’ve got what it takes to become a Straffe Ketten.

If you don’t feel like jumping into the pitch, but still want to discover and enjoy rugby with us, you can always join the team as a supporter. That means you get all the excitement of the matches and the third halves, you can come to all our social events, and travel with us to the international matches and tournaments. You just skip the training sessions, the sweat and mud of the matches (well, and the showers). Find more about how to join as a supporter.


For your first training session, just bring your usual sports shoes, a pair of shorts, an old t-shirt (maybe some warm clothes if it is cold) — you can always buy proper equipment later once you decide to stay. The only thing you probably don’t have at home and you should buy is a mouth guard (from any sports store), that you will have to prepare in advance to fit to your teeth (they all come with instructions).


Got piercings or jewellery? You’ll need to remove that before training and playing.


Don't worry, we will help you learn the rules of rugby during training sessions, just keep in mind a few basic things. Always play with your team. Pass the ball always behind you. Run forward. Keep the line.

And remember, our coaches and experienced players are there to help you. Don't hesitate to ask! 


The season fee in 2020-21 is €205 (from August to July), which includes your sports medical insurance, as well as professional coaching and access to our rugby facilities. When you join mid-season, the fee can be recalculated. We have a special fee for students and unemployed players as well. If your financial situation requires it, it’s possible to pay in several instalments. Moreover, club membership can be partially refunded by your Belgian mutuality service, and you can further reduce your fee when you participate in some of our fundraising actions.

Once you have decided to stay, you can buy a complete rugby equipment (shoes, socks, shorts, shirt & mouth guard). Ask one of the experienced players for guidance on the best brands and the best equipment. You can find virtually everything on our partner online shop Rugby Lovell (when checking out, please indicate our team so we can get a percentage of your shopping in credit that we can use for getting materials for the team). You can also find all that you need for around €70 at Decathlon.

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